February 2015 Calendar – Brownies for Everyone, Always

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Free February 2015 calendar from Some Kitchen Stories


Smitty & The Girl

The Murder Mystery Year: Chapter 2

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Clemmons walked into the Mather house first and was grateful that taking the lead meant she could close her eyes for a second, steel herself. She had been an office for six years but had never seen a murdered body before. She’d seen her share of the dead, of course, but this was Cliffwood- dead in Cliffwood meant “natural causes” or “well, she was 97…” In six years, there was only one that had shaken her even slightly and that was a car accident off the main road, a teenage boy. Her husband, an ER doctor, was the one who came home some nights and settled into a chair with a glass of whiskey, to stare at the television but not see it. 

She made observations as she walked through the house. It needed a good dusting for one thing. The floors were clean though, that was a shame. Would’ve been nice to catch some footprints. 

Gibb walked behind her, his breathing heavy. “There goes your quiet night,” she muttered to him and he shook his head. He’s been with the station twenty years to her six and Clemmons wondered if he was prepared for this, despite that. 

She glanced behind her and Tom, pale as a ghost, nodded his head to the right. She turned, stepping carefully, pausing at the doorframe that led to the kitchen. There was a scuff there, a black mark, and for a split second she thought it was blood. She walked through the quiet kitchen and took in the signs of breakfast, an unwashed mug, the ring of coffee around it on the counter, a handful of crumbs, an open cereal box. Clemmons followed the low murmur of voices into the parlor and came face to face with what she could only declare was a motley assortment of people. Mike Newell, the local bartended, stood in the corner with his arm around his teenage son, who stared out the window, his expression glassy with shock. A woman with dark hair stood on the boy’s other side, her hand in his. Across the room, pacing, was Sylvia Mathers who wore a silvery nightgown that would be at home at a nightclub. A woman with curly dark hair and a sour expression stood beside her, the only sign of her anxiety her wringing hands. Identical redheads, one in a leather jacket, stood in the back of the room with a scowl; the other redhead was more like a doe in headlights. Her wide eyes were fixed on the body that lay on the floor. The body that had absolutely, most certainly been murdered. And there was Bobby Mulpepper, who looked like he’d been recently sick.

Clemmons glanced up from the body and looked at Gibb. “You stay with them. Nobody moves.” She eyed them all warily. “We question them one at a time, alone.”

“Are you accusing us of-” Sylvia Mather’s voice had a slightly hysterical pitch to it. When Clemmons turned to look at her, her words faltered.

“I need to call it in.” Clemmons nodded to Sylvia Mathers. “And then you’re first.”


We are deep into it now, guys. Winter is bearing down hard. I’ve never experienced this much snow in my life, here in Maine, and I just looked at my weather app and saw, wait for it, four more days of snow coming our way. I’m not even sad, I’m IMPRESSED- where is all this snow going to go exactly? Is there a point where snow drifts just… topple over? I was walking Charlie this morning and found myself on the sidewalk wedged between mounds of snow over six feet tall, like I was slipping through a frozen maze.

I would be sorry for it all if snow wasn’t such a good excuse to turn the oven on and reach for loads of butter and sugar. Snowstorms, for me, mean brownies and all kinds of them, yes, give them all over, nom. (The ones pictured in our calendar are our Dulce de Leche Brownies, incidentally. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I tried to put them all into my face.) Even better now that it’s February, a month where all I want is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate like I’m a real-life, deranged Cathy cartoon. Bring it snow. I’ve got oven mitts, you don’t scare me.

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    I really enjoyed Chapter 2! And, as always, I’m in love with the desktop calendar. This may be my favorite yet!

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