Caramel Corn with Bacon and Cashews

Michelle stepped up to the door and nervously plucked at the hem of her dress. She adjusted the bowl in her hands. “Hi, I’m Michelle. I brought popcorn.” She said it quietly, out loud and to herself. No. It didn’t sound right. She cleared her throat. “Hey, it’s Michelle! I brought popcorn! There’s bacon in […]

Bacon, Egg & Toast Cuplets

Act IV. Scene III. Enter Octavia and her maid Palermo. Octavia Do not try to console me! I am beyond your council! Palermo My lady. Here. Rest thy head on thee’s pet lamb Rosalinda. Octavia Nay! Get thee Rosalinda from my sight! [Lamb scurries, squealing] Palermo I swear to thee, youth. Rest thy head and […]


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