July Calendar- We Think You’re Peachy

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Our first month with the blog has been such a wonderful success! We’re so surprised and grateful and the more cynical half of us (hi, hello) is a little bit like, “This is a joke, right? I mean, this is all just kind of a happy blip, right? I’ll just turn around and we’ll go back to my usual track record of 30 people a month not-even-my-mom-will-read-it situation, right? RIGHT?”

Big thanks to PBS and The Kitchn for their love this past month and all you nuggets from Tumblr and Twitter just sharing away. I read every single post we’re mentioned in because I’m insane and because it makes me happy, so shut up. Also, thanks for commenting- it’s a great way for us to see what blogs you guys are writing. Nice to meet you!

Ok, enough sweetness. The original title for this post was “Peaches Look Like Butts.” Better? Yes.

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