Avocado No. 1- Avocado on Toast

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No fictional stories for these avocados, sorry. You just get me.

My friend Lindsey (who keeps me in Amy Sedaris books and food blogs) has a mom. Not just any mom- the kind of mom who has an avocado grove in California. Better yet, the kind of mom who sends boxes of her avocados to people she knows in the MAIL. Such a woman is to be LAUDED. There should be PARADES. IN ALL CAPS. I don’t know how I got on this list but I’m pretty sure if Tina called and told me she just murdered someone and needed help getting rid of the body, I would promptly hang up and get my shovel, let’s do this.

I decided to document the use of my avocados here. To taunt you. For I am cruel. I also refuse to make guacamole with them (a fact which caused Lindsey to briefly stop talking to me yesterday) until, well, I absolutely have to make guacamole with them. But we can be more creative than that, right?

Avocado No. 1- Avo on Toast

Avocado on whole wheat toast, sprinkle of sea salt. Maybe not terribly creative but, seriously, nothing so simple could make you happier than this. (Also pictured- Fiesta Frittata. Eggs, corn, black beans, hot sauce and seared tomatoes. Clearly not as important as avocado on toast)

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